Prep Expert ACT – A breakdown of the prep program that is among the the best ACT prep courses currently available.

2017 ACT Prep Course | All you need to know about the powerful Prep Expert ACT course. We go over it's structure, advantages, and current discounts -- and why we think it's the best ACT prep course that's currently offered.

Magoosh ACT Prep – The most modular and flexible ACT prep course of 2017.

Magoosh has created a versatile ACT exam prep that can fit into any study regiment, whether it's stand-alone or in combination with others. It's entirely digital learning modules are accessible for every device, and comes with additional options that many would find useful. It's price point, currently at $99 for half a year, provides all students with an incredible course that is respectable in both quality and accessibility.

2017 Review of Princeton Review ACT Prep — Still rock solid.

The Princeton Review ACT prep courses come along with a number of options that range across all budgets. Continue reading for a chart and written summaries of the different course options, our opinions on them, and discount codes ($100 or more off) to save you money should you decide to go with The Princeton Review.

Recognize this common ACT tactic that many students miss

They're going to try and get you with this style of questioning 100% guaranteed, so you better be ready for those easy points.

The new SAT vs. ACT — how do they compare?

While neither test is easier or harder than the other, understanding the differences between the ACT and SAT can help you prepare for the college entrance exam.

Wondering what you need to score on your ACT for the college/university of your choice?

While there is no magical number that guarantees your admission, a higher score is always better. You can take a deep breath though, because getting into the university of your choice doesn't necessarily mean you need a perfect score. Here is a quick guide to figuring out the ballpark your score should be in -- not because it has to, but because your admission process would go a lot more smoothly. Lets begin with the…